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E-Commerce integration

VBOUT’s powerful deep E-commerce Integration helps your team take your e-commerce marketing to another level.

In the video below, you can see:

  1. How to setup your online store and connect it to VBOUT.
  2. How to synchronize your store feed.
  3. An overview of the e-commerce API and what we track.
  4. How you can track purchases.
  5. E-commerce automation.
  6. Personalizing landing pages and email content with dynamic e-commerce blocks.

Adding browser push to your workflows

To use Browser Push in a Workflow we should:

  1. Create a Browser Push Template
  2. Create a workflow using Browser Push Trigger


  • Insert your Browser Push Message info and click Save Message.


  • Go to Automation and click on Create Journey.
    Check this article in case you don’t know how to create journeys.


  • Drag and drop any Trigger, then the Browser Push Action.
    As an example, we will use Joined List Action, a Delay and Browser Push. Choose a List, put any Delay and double click on the Browser Push to choose the template we’ve created earlier and click on Save Configuration.


  • Now we have the Journey ready with the Browser Push Action.


  • You can see full analytics on each automated Browser Push message added to a workflow. You can access them under the Analytics portion of your Automation Templates.

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Vanity URLs

Activating Vanity URLs will allow you to use your own custom domain for tracking email and social media links. This way when your contacts click on any link you send them via email or social media posts, they will see your custom domain instead of VBOUT.

This option requires adding some code that is provided to your .htaccess file in order for this to be fully functional.  We will see now how to do that.

Copy the code provided by VBOUT

After you add it to your .htaccess file, you can click on check setup.

In your .htaccess file insert a new IfModule by putting <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
Then paste our code and close the IfModule by putting </IfModule>

Note that if you have an <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> inside your .htaccess file, make sure to put our IfModule before all the IfModule you already have.

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