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Connecting Meeting Scheduler Calendar

Meeting Scheduler is an add-on, make sure that you install it or have it as part of your plan:

To connect the calendar you have 2 options.

First option is to go to Social and connect it here: Connect an account that has a Google Calendar, Exchange Calendar, or calendar:

The second option is to go to Settings, Calendar Settings, Create Booking Page:

Creating a scheduling calendar page

Once you click here, you can click connect under choose account and connect the calendar:

Note that you should give the calendar booking page a name.

If you have more than one account connected, you can choose which one to turn on:

Once you click Submit, the settings will open, you can change the name, the location or add a GotoWebinar link, the duration and all the details.

Calendars: Choose the calendar to be used for availability and booking:

Opening hours: Choose the event’s time zone along with the opening hours:

Booking Flow: Choose how the new bookings should be handled and what happens after a booking is completed:

Reminders: Choose to send a confirmation email, or add reminders:

Custom Fields: What are the fields that the guest should provide:

If you choose to add a new field, label it, choose its type and if you want it as required or not:

Page Styles: Edit the page where the prospects will book:

Once you finish, you can click on View Page to check its style:

To create another calendar, go to Settings, Calendar Settings, and click on Create Page:

Connecting your Scheduling Calendar to a list

To choose the list, click on the drop-down arrow next to the calendar name and click on Settings:

You can add tags for the contacts, choose a list and map the fields from the calendar to the list:

Note that you can add the link of the Booking Calendar to your Email or Landing Page by using the Link To option:

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