VBOUT has curated over 25 Million records of businesses around 25 countries. Each of those businesses has a sample marketing proposal page that they could claim and get a Landing Page, Lead Form, Custom Journey and an Email Template, for FREE. Agencies and partners can use these pre-loaded pages as a way to start a conversation with these businesses.

To access the local opportunities feature click on Opportunities from the left panel of the partner’s menu. Based on the partner’s location and zip code, the screen will display the leads in their area. Leads are searchable by business name and can be filtered by industry.  To preview the proposal page for a lead click on Preview and use the contact details when available to reach these businesses. In case a business was not operational or has the wrong information, feel free to update the status of that lead.

The sample Landing Page won’t be fully functional, but a nice way to reach out to your potential clients and have it as a mean for them to sign up to VBOUT under your account by claiming this page.

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