1. Tagging only works when posting to one channel per post, or a combination of profiles under the same channel (ex: 3 Facebook profiles) If you are scheduling to multiple channels from one view (ex: 1 Linkedin, 1 Facebook and 1 X) the auto-suggest will not work).
  2. Mention is supported via mass upload, as long as the full mention id is included inside the content, (ex: @[VBOUT:177322135653611]).
  3. The tag ID does not impact the post character limits.
  4. Changing or modifying the ID will break the tag and the post will treat it as normal text (ex: hello @[VBOUT:177322135653).
  5. When the post is published, the destination profile will only show the @portion of the tag, (ex: @[VBOUT:177322135653611] will show VBOUT).