If your ad has been flagged by Google Ads as ‘Malicious or Unwanted Software’, do not panic. There is a chance this could be a false positive and a quick fix might be possible.

Below are top reasons as of why your Ad leading to a landing page on VBOUT might get flagged by Google:

  1. The landing page is referencing a script or a link to a script that could potential cause ‘harm’ to the visitors on the website. This is determined by Google’s engine.
  2. An automatic downloadable is triggered once you visit the page.
  3. The URL on the ad is not matching the destination site, ex: ad is in http while the page is https.
  4. The page source code includes images, CSS and JS  files with mixed http and https.
  5. The source code includes scripts hosted on another domain not matching the one used to the destination link.
  6. The content is misleading and not matching the offer. You can read more on this here.
  7. The content includes suspicious false call-to-action that triggers automatic downloads, installs or redirect to external pages that were found suspicious by Google.
  8. Page asks for sensitive personal details, such as banking, social security etc…
  9. Page is a phishing page or contains sensitive content that promotes drugs, violence, etc… You can read more on this here.

You can always reach out to the VBOUT support team or speak to your Adwords support specialist for immediate answers.