To install Syncspider’s Integration, go to Integrations, and click on Syncspider:

When you click on Syncspider, a new tab will be opened where you should log in or start your free trial:

First, log in to your SyncSpider account, and click on the option Integrations located on the left side of the screen, as shown below:

Select VBOUT application from the list of integrations, or use the search bar to find it.

After selecting Vbout, enter the integration name and description (optional) then click on the Next button.

Sign in to connect Syncspider with your VBOUT account by pasting your API key:

You will be able to create workflows:

Choose the trigger.

Once you set up the trigger, set up the action:

After choosing the action, click Save & Send Test Request or Save.

Below is a list of VBOUT Get and Send actions available in SyncSpider:

Get Actions:

  • Get Contact Lists
  • Get Contacts
  • Get Contact by Email
  • Get All Campaigns
  • Get Coupons
  • Get Coupons for a Campaign

Send Actions:

  • Create Contacts to a List
  • Sync Contacts in a List
  • Add Tags
  • Add Carts
  • Add Cart Items
  • Add Orders
  • Add Activities
  • Add Product Search
  • Add Product View
  • Add Category View
  • Add/Update Customers

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