Within the platform, you have the capability to utilize ChatGPT commands for executing a range of actions.

To achieve this functionality, please follow the below steps:

Step 1: Connecting your OpenAI Account

  1. Connect your own OpenAI account by navigating to the Connection Center and clicking on “Connect to OpenAI.”
  2.  Provide a name for your OpenAI account and enter your API key.
  3. Optionally, select this account as your default AI account.

Step 2: Using Commands

Now that you have connected your OpenAI , you can start using commands to perform various actions by going to the help icon -> AI Powered Support

Here is a list of supported actions and examples of how to use them:

Contact Management:

  • Get Contact By Email: Retrieve contact information by specifying the email address.
  • Get Contact: Retrieve contact information using the contact ID
  • Add Contact: Create a new contact by providing the necessary details
  • Edit Contact: Update an existing contact’s details.
  • Delete Contact: Remove a contact from your VBOUT account.
  • Move Contact: Transfer a contact from one list to another.
  • Add Activity: Add an activity to a contact’s timeline.
  • Get Contacts By Phone Number: Retrieve contacts based on their phone number.
  • Add Tag: Assign a tag to a contact.
  • Remove Tag: Remove a tag from a contact.
  • Get Contacts In List: Retrieve contacts within a specific list.
  • Get Contact Timeline Activities: Retrieve a contact’s timeline activities.

List Management:

  • Get List: Retrieve information about a specific list.
  • Add List: Create a new list.
  • Delete List: Remove a list from your VBOUT account.
  • Edit List: Update the details of an existing list
  • Get Lists: Retrieve a list of all existing lists.

Campaign Automation:

  • Get Campaign: Retrieve information about a specific campaign.
  • Campaign Stats: Obtain performance insights for a campaign.
  • Add Campaign: Create a new campaign. You can specify a template name to attach it to your campaign.
  • Edit Campaign: Update an existing campaign’s details.
  • Delete Campaign: Remove a campaign from your VBOUT account.
  • Get Campaigns: Retrieve a list of all existing campaigns.

Social Media Management:

  • Get Channels: Retrieve a list of available social media channels.
  • Get Calendar: Retrieve your social media publishing calendar.
  • Get Stats: Retrieve engagement metrics for a specific social media post.
  • Get Post: Retrieve information about a specific social media post.
  • Add Post: Create a new social media post.
  • Edit Post: Update an existing social media post.
  • Delete Post: Remove a social media post.

Custom Shortcode:

  • Get Custom Shortcodes: Retrieve a list of custom shortcodes.
  • Add Custom Shortcode: Create a new custom shortcode.
  • Edit Custom Shortcode: Update an existing custom shortcode.
  • Delete Custom Shortcode: Remove a custom shortcode.

An example of editing a contact using ChatGPT:


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