AI content generation for SMS offers the convenience of effortlessly creating text messages. This powerful feature assists in generating engaging and relevant content for your SMS conversations. Here’s a guide on how to utilize AI content generation for SMS and craft compelling text messages.

Step 1: Install or Connect Your OpenAI Account

  1. Install the Copy AI Assistant add-on from the Add-ons section or connect your own OpenAI account (free of charge) by navigating to the Connection Center and clicking on “Connect to OpenAI.”
  2.  Provide a name for your OpenAI account and enter your API key.
  3. Optionally, select this account as your default for AI content generation.

Step 2: Access the AI Content Assistant

  1. You can find the AI Content Assistant while creating your SMS/MMS template.
  2. Click on “AI Content Assistant” to access the feature.

Step 3: Generate SMS Content

  1. Choose whether to use the AI Content Assistant add-on credits (System Credits) or connect your own OpenAI account for content generation.
  2. Select the appropriate SMS type and fill in the relevant settings. These settings play a crucial role in influencing the content generation process. Additionally, indicate the number of variations you wish to generate. Once you’ve provided all the necessary information, click on “Generate Copy.”

Note: Please be aware that with the AI Content Assistant add-on, you have 50 credits initially, and each generated variation will consume one credit. Additional credits can be purchased from the Add-ons section if needed.

Step 4: Use the Generated Content

Once the content is generated, you have two options for using it:

  • Copy and paste the content in the message field while building your SMS.
  • Save the content for future use.

When saving the SMS content, it will be stored in the Saved section under the relevant type.


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