If you want to share your Dashboard Reports via email or export them or view them in browser, click on Share or Export button in your dashboard view. You will have the following options:

  1. Viewing your dashboard via a public URL which you can share with colleagues or clients. The URL has a private token that can be renewed to revoke access for the old URL. To preview the publicly accessible version of the report you can click on the View in Browser icon.
  2. Sharing the current Dashboard in PDF format or PNG format. To do this, you can click on the Export to dropdown which will present you with 3 actions to choose from. You can choose Direct Download which might take up to few minutes to reproduce the export file, Via Email which typically sends the report as attachment in the email, or Recurring Emails which allows you to schedule the sending of the report in a Daily, Weekly or Monthly manner.
  3. Managing your scheduled reports for different dashboards. First click on Scheduled Reports –> New Report. Second, select the desired Dashboard, configure the report email (subject line, body, recipients and frequency of sending) then click on Save.

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