In the table below is a list of our available shortcodes with an example of each type:

Shortcode Example
Profile Information: Your default information [BUSINESS_NAME] [ADDRESS] [PHONE] [WEBSITE]
Social Channels: Your default social channels [FB] [TW] [PN] [IN] [LI]
Social Channels Share Buttons: Shortcodes to share the email or landing page on social channels [FB_SHARE_BUTTON] [TW_SHARE_BUTTON] [LI_SHARE_BUTTON] [FB_LIKE_BUTTON]
Email Campaign-Specific: Shortcodes to allow your contacts to redeem a coupon from the email campaign, unsubscribe or update their preferences, or view the online version of the email campaign.
Note that you can change the text in Settings > Shortcodes > Email Campaign Shortcodes
List shortcodes: Each list has its own shortcodes that you can choose from [#FIRSTNAME#]
Shortcode split using /2: If you have a Full Name field for example and want to use only the first name, you can add /2 inside the shortcode [#FULLNAME/2#]
Shortcode Fall Back using the | Character: If your contact has an empty field and you want to replace it with another field or with a text [#FULLNAME|COMPANYAME#] [#FULLNAME|*there*#]
Shortcode Combo: If you want to combine both cases in the row above [#FULLNAME/2|COMPANYNAME|*there*#]
Shortcode Capitalization: This is used to capitalize the first letter (PROPER), the whole word (UPPER), or nothing capitalized (LOWER)
Note that you can mix capitalization with other formats


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