Twilio SMS is one of the integrations VBOUT offers. To connect your Twilio account with VBOUT, follow these steps:

Go to Social,  Queue and click on the + sign:

Add New Account, Twilio:

Click on Connect to Twilio:

Fill in the information

You have successfully connected your Twilio account to VBOUT.

Afterward, you go to Automation, select a Trigger and choose the Action: Twilio SMS

You can choose a template from the drop-down list

Or you can choose to CREATE NEW SMS TEMPLATE, where you will be taken to the following page:

Twilio SMS Status

Every Twilio SMS or MMS message request has a status value which describes the current state of the message. Here are the most common message statuses, and their meanings.

Outbound Message Status Progression

When sending outbound messages with the REST API, this is a typical sequence of status values:

Queued Twilio has received your request to create the message. All new messages sent from a specific Twilio phone number are created with a status of queued.
Accepted Twilio has received your request to create the message from a Messaging Service. Twilio is determining the optimal ‘From’ number from your service.
Sending Twilio is forwarding your message request to one of our Super Network partners.
Sent Twilio has received a confirmation from our Super Network partner advising they have accepted the message.

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