To enable Site Popup on your Landing page, please follow the below steps:

  1. Setup your Landing Page Domain:
    Create a CNAME record pointing it to for example “pages.”in your DNS record, then add this domain name in Landing Page Domains section in the platform for example “”.

    Go to your Landing Page -> Domain Settings and choose your verified domain.

  2. Add Website Tracking Code:
    In the Website Tracking Code section, add the same domain “” and copy the embed code.
    Please note that no need to verify the domain but make sure to turn on the status.
  3. Add the Tracking Code on your Landing Page:
    Go to your landing page, Tools -> Settings -> Tracking. Turn on the third party tracking and paste the embed code.
  4. Set up the Popup:
    Go to Site Popup, create your popup and choose your domain “” in the Page URL section.

Now, you can test your Popup by accessing your landing page URL.

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