You can manage all your Contacts, Lists and Audiences from one page by going to Contacts –> All Contacts. On this screen you can view and search all your contacts and filter them by List or Audience name from the left panel.


Each contact can be edited, moved to another list, added to another list (copy), assigned to Group or User, or deleted from your account. You can also add a new record by clicking on Create Contact. 

To preview the timeline of a contact, click on their email address. You will be able to view the Contact history of engagement and additional contact details such as Lead Scoring, Geo-location, Referral Source, Subsequent Referral source for each engagement and much more.

You can filter by engagement type and expand the details to view the details of that engagement:

To manage the lists for this contact, send a message, Call or Unsubscribe from Lists, click the options on the top right panel for this contact:

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