Streams aggregate all your profiles in one easy to manage screen. You can toggle between profiles and groups with  a simple click to view the engagement under these profiles. Streams are accessible from the top menu under Social Media.

Your connected profiles will be shown on the left as well as your defined Social Groups. Click on the desired social account or group to display the streams available for these profiles as below:

  • For Facebook, you can get access to your Page Feed, Your Messenger Inbox, Reviews, Tagged Posts and Ads Feed. You can check who reacted to posts, comment on posts and reply directly to your page messages.
  • For Twitter, you get access to Direct Messages with the ability to reply back. You can view your latest followers, your Mentions and Retweets as well as your home and User Feed. You can engage with your Twitter streams by Retweeting or Liking the posts.
  • Linkedin allows comments on company page posts.
  • Instagram lets your reply to comments, like posts and view your posts and tagged posts. You also get access to Direct Messages with the ability to reply back
  • Pinterest only displays a summary of connected boards.
  • Hashtags streams let you monitor keyword on Twitter and Instagram.
  • For Twilio SMS, you can check the messages and reply back.

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