Syncing your contacts to Facebook custom audience allows you to create more personalized experiences for your leads by retargeting them with relevant ads based on their customer journey ‘s stage.

Below are the major steps to achieve this:

  1. Create a custom audience on Facebook.
  2. Create an automation for Facebook retargeting ads.

How to create custom audience on Facebook:

To create a custom audience on Facebook, follow these steps:

  1. Visit your Business Ad Manager on Facebook and create a new audience:

2. Choose this option from the popup list:

3. Choose the option: Use a file that doesn’t include LTV

4. Add your own email to start the Audience and Save it:

5. Now that audience will appear on the Automation –> Sync to third party option:

Automation for Facebook retargeting Ads:

It’s an easy process with 2 simple steps:

1- Create an automation
2- Choose the action “Sync to third party” and configure it.

Step 1: Create an automation:

Go to Automation page, click on “Create Automation”:

Step 2: Choose the action “Sync to Third Party” and configure it:

  • Go to Facebook Custom Audience
  • Choose an account that has activated Ads, choose an action

NOTE: The connected ad account must have access to Facebook business manager.

  • Add record which allows you to retarget a specific ad to an audience:
  • Remove record from the audience receiving your ad or add them to another audience:


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