You can use a subdomain to point to the platform login, as a customized/whitelabeled page.

What You’ll Need:

  • A domain.
  • Administrative access to your domain’s DNS with your domain hosting provider.
  • Access to your account.

Connecting your domain to the platform requires the following steps:


Step 1: Set up your CNAME record with your hosting provider.

Access your domain name DNS portal and create a CNAME that points to


Step 2: Choose your domain:

1- Once Domain Alias is activated, you will see this page:

2- Choose your desired domain or subdomain to use as your portal login:

If you want to choose a domain instead of a subdomain, you should choose www instead of portal in the example, and you should set to point to

Step 3: Wait for SSL to set up and you’ll have the finishing result.

  • Click on Install, it will check the CNAME:Note: Follow the instructions if the CNAME is not configured properly:
  • After setting the CNAME, the server will be configured:
  • After the server, the SSL should be set:
  • Once all the setups are finished, your domain alias will look like this:
  • and this is how the login page will look like:

You can always delete the domain alias if you no longer want it:

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