As a partner, you get access to a variety of useful marketing tools. To preview available tools click on Tools from the left menu of the partner’ page.

There are currently 4 tools you can use:

  1. Buyer Persona Builder: This tool lets you build a buyer persona for any business and generate a downloadable template for the assembled persona profile. Some partners use this tool as a free add-on to their service offering and others charge to build a persona for a business.
  2. CAN Spam Compliance by Country: This tool lets you to check spam email compliance by country using a visual map and a search functionality. Partners use this handy tool to identify email spam requirement by country and avoid penalties that can amount to thousands of dollars per email.
  3. Product Comparison Chart: This tool lets you compare the platform to other players on the market. Partners use this tool when clients ask them for a price comparison between our platform and other platforms.
  4. Marketing Automation Generator: This tool lets you build up a full marketing journey, a lead capture form, a landing page and an email template, just by filling out a simple smart form. Partners use it as a way to prospect and start a conversation with leads they are working with.

In addition to the tools you can access the  Academy under the Certification menu, which takes you to a FREE 12 modules course, developed by the  team, and covers Digital Marketing Foundation.

The partnership portal also includes a list of rich Resources that partners can download and Co-brand so they could conduct their own webinars, workshops and even share on their own blog. These resources include articles, PowerPoint presentations and infographics prepared by the marketing team.

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