To integrate WooCommerce with VBOUT, follow these steps:

  1. Download the WooCommerce VBOUT plugin.
  2. Install the plugin to your WordPress admin panel. For instructions on installing plugin please visit this page:
  3. Once the plugin is active, visit your WooCommerce🡪Settings page.

  4. Go to the Integrations tab and fill out the plugin details. You can get access to your API key from the VBOUT API page:

  5. Any customers added will sync in your E-Commerce List in VBOUT.
  6. If you wish to synchronize old records, prior to installing the plugin, choose the option “Existing Customers and Existing Products”.

  7. Once you click SAVE, the screen will refresh and will prompt you to map your WooCommerce integration settings on VBOUT in the following page.

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