You can group social media profiles for an easier publishing and stream management. This is useful when managing large amount of profiles for different brands or you have many team members assigned different groups of profiles.

You can create a group from the Compose dialog under Social Media > Queue:



After creating the group, you will have the option to edit or delete it from the plus sign next to the group name.

Once a group is created, you can choose a group to populate all the profiles inside of it for posting:

You have the ability to filter the calendar by group(s):


To manage multiple social media feeds from different profiles you can click on the Social Media > Streams and choose groups from the left panel. You will see all the active Feeds from each profile side by side with a horizontal scroll. Feel free to drag and arrange feeds in the order you’d like to see them:


To manage which feeds to show, click on the right column +/- option and choose from the popup:

In your dashboard, Social Followers widget report can also be customized by group:

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