A Shortcode is a simple variable that contains a predefined value, ex: [COMPANY_NAME] = Joe’s Bike Shop. You can insert Shortcodes within your content and the value will render as defined under your settings. This is particularly handy when sending lots of campaigns or creating many templates. Beside your contact’s Shortcodes your account comes with a default list of personal Shortcodes, ex: company address, phone and social media channels. To access your default Shortcode list you can visit your Settings page,

or from your Campaigns page under the gear utility button, choose Settings:

This will allow you to edit:

  1. The Default Sending Values (From email address, Reply To email address, From Name). You can see these populated when you create new email or automation campaigns.
  2. Your default Address Shortcode [ADDRESS] which stores your business address.
  3. Your Company Shortcodes: [PHONE] and [WEBSITE].
  4. Email Campaign Specific Shortcodes that include the text you’d like to show when you use the Unsubscribe [UNSUBSCRIBE_URL] or View Email Online Version Text [ONLINE_URL] of your campaign or adding a redirection link after unsubscribe [UNSUBSCRIBE_REDIRECTION_URL].
  5. Your Social Media Shortcodes with links to your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Pinterest. Use these Shortcodes to invoke their respective icons.

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