Coupons are great to help you gain new clients, show your loyal fans appreciation or entice customers to try new products by offering promotions, coupons, and special offers. The platform’s coupon tool allows you to create unique coupon codes that your staff can validate easily. Our platform will also collect data on customers who redeemed the offer so you can analyze your campaign performance.

Adding Coupon Shortcode to Email Campaign

To add a Coupon Code to your campaigns, click on the Shortcode option section on the Builder’s top Toolbar under Email Campaign Specific¬†or add [COUPON_CODE]¬†to where you want to place it.


Redeeming Coupon Code via Email

Contacts that receive the Email Campaign will have the Coupon Code link that will redirect to a Coupon Redemption page.

Coupon Code in Email:

Coupon Redemption Page:

You can trigger contacts that have redeemed the coupon code using the Custom Event trigger.
In the automation builder, add the Custom Event trigger, choose Coupon Redeemed option and specify your email campaign.

Redeeming Coupon Code

To redeem a Coupon Code, click the Gear Icon on the Campaigns Page. Select the Coupon Redemption option and enter the Coupon Code for the contact in the Textbox to redeem it.

Coupon Redemption:

Redeem Coupon Popup:

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