If you’re using the platform to send emails and you’re not receiving any of them, here are few reasons that may cause this:

Mail Server Block:

Sometimes, mail servers’ configuration is set up to reject emails coming from an external server even if it’s using the same domain. This usually causes the email’s delivery to be delayed or in some cases bounced.

To fix this, you should check the configuration of your ESP. (also known as Email Service Provider).

Your Sending Domain is blacklisted:

You should scan your sending domain to check if it’s blocked or blacklisted as this would affect the delivery of your emails and delay or block them.

Your Sending Domain is not verified:

When you haven’t verified your sending domain on the platform, you will be sending from email.domain.com@send10.vbt.io
Sending many times from this domain will cause our SMTP to block the domain and stop sending from it.

IPs are blacklisted:

This is very rare to happen as we run an hourly check on our IPs and rotate them from one pool to another when needed, however, during this hour, an IP may get blacklisted while you’re sending your email campaign which causes a delay in delivery.

In the following, you will see a list of our sending IPs that you can run a check on yourself to whitelist any IP that you may find blacklisted and doubt it delaying your sending process:

You can always reach out to support to better help you on this.

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