Creating Lists and fields

Forms, Embed and Form settings

Creating your lists is a fundamental step in getting started using your account. Follow these instructions for creating and configuring lists:

1.  Create a list

  • Click on the Contacts option in the left sidebar.
  • Navigate to the Lists tab at the top.
  • Click on the Create List button.

In the popup that appears:

  • Provide basic details like the list name, sender email address (From email address), sender name, and reply-to email address. These sender details are crucial for sending confirmation emails to subscribers who sign up.
  • Optionally, add details about the list to remind users why they are receiving the email.
  • Click Create to finish.

2. Configure List Fields:

After you create your list, use the Form Builder to set up fields for records.

Go to your lists view, find the list you want to configure, and click on Fields & Form.

On the next page:

  • Edit list/form fields by adding new ones or deleting/editing existing ones.
  • Single-click on the type of field you want from the left options to automatically add it to the form.
  • Customize premade fields like First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone by renaming them or specifying whether they are required.
  • Save your form by clicking Save Form in the bottom right.

3. Get Embed Code (Optional):

If you plan to embed the form on your website, click on the Embed Code button on the top of the form settings page.

4. Configure Form Settings:

Click on the blue Settings button next to the Embed Code button.

Subscription settings includes:

    • Allow Multiple Submissions from the Same Contact: Enable this option if you want a contact to submit the form or subscribe to the list multiple times without any restrictions.
    • Email Confirmation Required (Double Opt-In): Activate this setting to require contacts to confirm their email addresses by responding to a confirmation email. This adds an extra layer of verification to ensure the validity of the provided email addresses.
    • Turn On Autoresponder: Activate the autoresponder feature to automatically send a predefined response or message to contacts immediately after they subscribe or submit a form.
    • Notify Admins of New Contacts: Enable notifications to alert administrators or designated individuals whenever a new contact subscribes or submits a form.
    • Redirect After Subscription: Specify a URL to redirect contacts to a particular webpage after they successfully subscribe or submit a form. This can be a thank-you page or any other relevant destination.
    • Don’t show success message after subscription: Hide the success message after the contact’s subscription.
    • Override Error Messages: Enable this option to customize or replace default error messages with messages that better suit your application or user interface.
    • Update Field When New Value is Empty: Activate this setting to allow fields to be updated even if the new value provided is empty. This can be useful in scenarios where updating a field with an empty value is permissible.
    • Auto Tag When a Contact Joins the List: Automatically assign predefined tags to contacts when they join the list. This helps categorize and organize contacts based on specific criteria or characteristics.

Opt-in communications:

  • Edit the content of the email subscribers receive when signing up.
  • Choose the Subject line, edit From, Reply-to, and Name fields, and create the body of the email.
  • Edit the Success/Failure message after form submission.

Click Submit in the bottom right to save changes.

Check this article to see all the type of fields you can use in a form/list.

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