Automated E-commerce has many benefits such as increasing sales, loyalty and customer retention, and LTV (life time value). There are several advantages when choosing to integrate your E-commerce website with VBOUT, using the shared data, you will be able to send your customers post-purchase offers, suggested products, cart abandonment reminders, loyalty campaigns, referral requests and much more as well as using the data for internal processing such as notifying a team member of a purchase. To integrate your e-commerce website with VBOUT, go to Settings, Website Tracking Code, click on Show Domain Settings and toggle Activate Ecommerce Tracking on:

After this, you will be able to see the Product Feed:

You can add products manually or mass import them by following the sample given:

Go to Integrations and download your shop’s integration:

If you’re not using any of these shops, you can add the codes from the library by following this documentation:

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