In order to sync your contacts in VBOUT to WiserNotify,  please follow the below steps:

In WiserNotify platform:

Go to Integration tab, search for VBOUT app and click on Connect.

Give your connection a name and click on Create.

Once the connection is created, copy the Webhook link.

In your VBOUT account:

Create an automation by going to the Automation tab -> Your Automations – > Create Automation.

Choose the Joined trigger and link it to Sync to third-party Action.

In the trigger configuration, choose your target list.

In the Action configuration:

  • Choose the Webhook option.
  • In “enter the URL”, paste the WiserNotify webhook link.
  • In “choose what to sync”, select Webhooks Triggered.
  • Choose Post as send method.

And finally, click on Save Configuration.

Save and publish the automation.

After the automation is completed, you can check your result in the WiserNotify dashboard.

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