File Manager lets you organize and manage your files and media in one place to use them when sending email campaigns, designing landing pages and scheduling social media posts. All the assets you add to your file manager are accessible on your landing page builder, email template builder as well as your social media publisher.

There is no limit to the storage you have on your account, however, we recommend that you upload files and images that are optimized for web to give your recipients faster loading experience when opening your campaigns or visiting your landing pages.

  • Accessing the File Manager:
  • Uploading Media and Files:
    To upload an image or a Downloadable PDF, click the upload button located on the top left of the toolbar and then drag and drop the files to the uploader.
  • Adding Folders:
    To add folders click the Add Folder¬†button located on the top left of the toolbar. We recommend using folder names without spaces, ex:” logos-artwork” vs “logos artwork”.
  • Accessing the Path to Files:
    If you wish to get the path to an image or a pdf file, right click on the file then click on the path option.
  • Editing Images:
    Note that editing an image and saving the window, will create a new version of the original with your edits applied to it. It will not override the existing image.
  • Filters:
    To navigate and find files use the Filters located on the top right of the toolbar.