To setup a new lead score, click on Add Score. A popup window will appear where you can assign the score rules. You will be prompted with the following configurations:

  1. An Action Trigger which is the type of engagement or data that the person will be scored on (Ex: a duration on site, Watched a video, opened an email or their company size is 1-10 employees.
  2. Each Action Trigger has its own Conditions/Filters that must be completed (Ex: if you choose duration on site, you will need to specify which domain you are targeting in this field and the time spent)
  3. The Contact Score and Anonymous Score once a user and/or his data match your Action Triggers and Conditions. You might want to accelerate the scoring for known contacts by assigning them higher scores then anonymous visitors, for certain actions considering you have identifiable contact information on them.
  4. Choose if you want to repeat the scoring process each time it is matched or do it one single time.

To access the list of scores  and make changes to them click the Score Rules tab.

Score Status labels

Score Status is a great way to group your leads into human identifiable jargon that will help you take actions manually or through a journey workflow on your dashboard. Your account will come with a preloaded set of label that you can click and modify to match your own funnel.

To add a new status, go to the Status tab and click Add Status.

Adding a new Status Label will ask you for the following information:

  1. Color for that label as it will appear on your funnel.
  2. Label Title and Description as preferred by you and your team.
  3. The Ceiling Range of the score that will be in this status. The system will automatically pick up the number from the the previous score and calculate the range accordingly. In the example below, if you put 50 and the previous score was 10 then for this label, anyone that fall int he range of 11-50 will be labeled as Cold Lead.