Before sending Email Campaigns or using the Email Action under Journeys, you must add and verify a sending domain within the Vbout platform. This action is needed for security and spam compliance purposes.

If you have added a domain to track, the system will automatically add that domain as an email sender. However you can always add a new sending domain by clicking on your profile icon in the top right, and select Settings. On the settings page, select the Email Sending Domains tab from the left sidebar, and then click on the Add Sender button.

Next you will be presented with a popup window to enter you sending domain. After you save, you will see your sending domain on your dashboard, however this doesn’t mean you are ready to start sending. You still need to at least complete one step of the verification process which involves either adding an SPF TXT record or a DKIM TXT record. (We recommend you add both when provided).

You can click on Settings to retrieve the actual record to be added on your DNS portal side. This requires access to your Domain Name Server (DNS). Once you add the SPF and DKIM records for the domain click on Test to check if your DNS changes have propagated across the web. Please note that these changes sometimes take up to 24 hours to propagate.

Once the domain has been verified you will notice a green check mark next to the sending domain indicating that the domain will be used as a sender.

If you decide not to add a domain name, you can still send email campaigns through the platform, however the FROM EMAIL sender on your campaigns will be replaced with a system default email, ex:

To learn more about spam compliance and enhancing deliverability, check out this great resource.