Pipeline Manager is an Add-On that must be installed or part of your plan.

You can install the Add-On from here.

Go to Pipeline Manager, and create your Board:

Click New Task to create a Task:

You will see the following where you should fill in:

  • The Task Name
  • Assign to Teammates: where you choose to which teammates you’re going to assign the task
  • Task Type: You get to choose among many options such as Moderation, Deal, Lead Management…
  • Boards: Where you choose from the Task Boards you’ve previously added.
  • Stages: Which stage is the task in? In Review, In Progress, In Queue, Completed.
  • Task Description: Add text and attachments to describe your task.
  • Date and Time of creating the Task, and its Duration.
  • Enable Email update: choose whether to receive email notifications for Task updates.

NOTE: If you choose the Task Type Deal, you can add an amount with the default currency of your account:

This is how your task will appear:

Change Assignee by clicking on the current user “Me” and choose another user.


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