KonnectzIT is an app that allows you to Integrate third-party apps with your VBOUT account.

To connect KonnectzIT, go to Integrations and click on KonnectzIT:

It will open KonnectzIT where you should login, go to Apps, search for VBOUT and click on it:

It will open a pop-up to add the API key:

You can get the key from your account’s Settings, API:

Once you add the API key and click on Yes, continue, VBOUT will become an authorized app and you will be able to use KonnectzIT with your VBOUT account:

Below is a list of VBOUT triggers and actions that can be used in KonnectzIT:


  • New User


  • Create Email Marketing Campaign
  • Create Social Media Message
  • Add Custom Event to a Contact
  • Create Contact to List
  • Create Email List
  • Update Contact

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