To add a Custom Plan to your Agency account, make sure that you’re using the Platinum Package:

Go to Partner Portal > My Custom Plans > Add Plan:

Fill in the following:

  • Plan Name: Give your plan a name, for example: Starter Plan.
  • Plan ID: The level of the plan, the higher for upgrade and lower for downgrade.
  • Plan Description: Give your plan a description, for example: This plan includes Customer Automation and Email Marketing. (Note that Plan Description is not required)
  • Group Status: Disabled or Active

Click on the plus sign to add features to the plan:

You will choose the Feature and the Option next to it:

You can change your Selling Price here, and the Total Profits will be updated automatically:

Once the Plan is ready, click Create and it will appear here:

You can send this link as the Registration URL to your new customers.

Note that you can whitelabel the link and the page.

It will take the Login Logo and Favicon that you had previously set.

Once you click on Edit Settings

You can set up the Terms of Services, and Privacy Policy:

Note: If you don’t add links to Terms of Services and Privacy Policy, they will redirect to the platform.

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