To read your campaign stats,  go to Email -> Campaigns and click on Analytics for this specific campaign.

You will see the campaign overall analytics from Open Rate, CTRs, Unsubscribes, Bounces, Conversions  and email engagement.

Additional campaign data are available to be viewed if you scroll down to the Campaign Breakdown:

  1. Use the filter to view who opened your campaign.
  2. View bounced, unsubscribed or complained emails.
  3. View campaign links that were clicked with total and unique click count.
  4. You can also view subscribers who clicked.
  5. View open locations, devices used and email clients.

You can always download this data by clicking on Export.

Note: Email engagement is measured by the amount of time users spent with your campaign open on their email client. If the contact opened the campaign for less then 2 seconds, they Barely Read the content, between 2 and 5 seconds, they Skimmed through it, anything above 5 seconds is counted as a Fully Read.

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