The built-in Task Manager helps you and your team collaborate on important social media conversations and events that matter the most to your brand.

Once you are on your Social Streams, choose the comment, messages and conversations then open a task to one of your team mates. They will in turn be able to manage and reply directly from the Tasks page.

First, go to Social > Streams:

Choose Create New Task or Add To Task if it already exists. You can assign it to the relevant team mate and even tag others in the descriptions using @NAME:

The created task will show under the Tasks page where you can expand the activity log to preview the details of the social post. Clicking on the social media under the Associated Assets on the right panel will also expand the activity:

Once clicked, you will see the full details of that engagement to reply, to comment or direct messages.

Note that by default, the Associated Contacts will display the social contact relevant to the post, comment or direct message:

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