The whitelabel option allows you to use your own branding and domain resources so that you can completely hide VBOUT from your end users. There are three options that you can explore:

  1. Vanity URLs: This option when activated will allow you to use your own custom domain for tracking email and social media links. This way when your contacts click on any link you send them via email or social media posts, they will see your custom domain instead of VBOUT.
    Note: This option requires adding some code that is provided to your .htaccess file in order for this to be fully functional.
  2. Branding: This option will allow you to upload your own logo to the dashboard as well as your own signature. End users trying to login will see that instead of the usual VBOUT Branding.
  3. Domain Alias: This option will allow you to use your own custom domain for users to use to access the dashboard. You can also specify an exit domain name when users logout of the dashboard.

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