Social media posts can be scheduled, immediately posted or scheduled to post on custom dates. To get started with creating posts:

  1. Access your Social Media Queue and click on Compose.
  2. Choose your social profiles to post to.
  3. Add your post content.
  4. Add your link. This is important if you want to track the click engagement from the different social media channels.
  5. Add your media file, you can either upload a new file or access your saved media inside the File Manager. You can also use the Giphy tab or Open Source Image/video search from Pixabay to get access to thousands of media options for your posts..
  6. Confirm whether you’d like to immediately publish your post by clicking Post Now, Schedule it to post on one specific date, or schedule it to post on a specific custom dates (by choosing Custom Posting).

If you choose to schedule it for a specific date, you will need to choose the date and time.

If you choose to use the Custom Posting option, you will need to specify the dates on which the post should be published.

Once your post has been scheduled successfully, you will see it on your social calendar page.