Chunk sending is a sending process that allows you to send your campaign in smaller batches to optimize your deliverability and create a domain warmup process.


  1. Once you create a campaign, you will have the choice for the process between normal sending, chunk sending or predictive sending:
  2. After choosing Chunk Sending, configure the settings:

    Start Time
    End Time
    Days of execution
    Hourly send volume: Number of emails to be sent per hour
    Increase daily volume by: The daily percentage increase from the moment the campaign is launched.
    Daily limit: The maximum number of emails to be sent each day.
  3. You can pause and edit a campaign if it’s launched to change the Chunk Sending Settings:Note: You can’t edit the lists once you pause and edit a campaign.
    • After editing the campaign, make sure to update it:
    • Finally, resume the campaign:

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