To use Browser Push in a Workflow we should:

  1. Create a Browser Push Template
  2. Create a workflow using Browser Push Trigger
  • Go to Automated Messages, click on Create Automated Message > Create Browser Push Template.


  • Insert your Browser Push Message info and click Save Message.


  • Go to Automation and click on Create Automation.
    Check this article in case you don’t know how to create automation.


  • Drag and drop any Trigger, then the Browser Push Action.
    As an example, we will use Joined List Action, a Delay and Browser Push. Choose a List, put any Delay and double click on the Browser Push to choose the template we’ve created earlier and click on Save Configuration.


  • Now we have the Automation ready with the Browser Push Action.


  • You can see full analytics on each automated Browser Push message added to a workflow. You can access them under the Analytics portion of your Automated Messages.

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