You can build customer Journeys by clicking on the Journey option from the left menu bar. A journey can be one or a collection of workflows that you can create to automatically target contacts, using a simple drag and drop workflow designer.

If you are building a journey from scratch, you can click on Blank Journey. This would take you to the journey editor mode. On that screen, you can name your Journey in the top, and to the left, you can find your Triggers and Actions elements.

Triggers define what starts the journey, while actions are the events that take place thereafter. Filters and rules can be added in between actions so that you redirect specific user who take specific actions to a different path.

To start your journey, you should always begin with a trigger element. Click on your preferred trigger from the left panel and drop it onto the grid. Double click on the trigger to preview the settings and configure any filters you want to set. ex: start the workflow only if the person’s position at the company is CMO. This would look like this:

After finishing setting up the trigger, you can start adding your sequence of actions. Ex: add a confirmation email to to be sent out to users who sign up to your specified list. You have to click on the Send Email under Actions and and drag it to the right of your trigger. Double click on the action to select the proper automation message or create a new one.

The last step would be connecting the trigger to the action. To do that, click on the trigger element, press on the black arrow head and drag it to the action that should execute next.

You can also add delays in between actionsDelays are found within the Actions option list under Time Delay. Those as well can be configured by double clicking them and choosing the proper time to delay the next action.

Additional action conditions are available when you double click on the connector. This will allow you to check for more specific case scenarios before executing an action.

Once you have your workflow ready, you can click on Actions in the top right and choose Save and Exit. Once you are outside the editor mode, you can activate the Journey. (You could also activate the Journey from inside the editor by clicking on Actions > Publish)

Note: If you are using the Specific Date trigger => This gets triggered on a specific date. You’ll need to specify the target list inside this trigger, and whether this trigger will execute once vs recurrent. Please be aware when using the recurrent option that the actions will execute each day, on the same user. So to avoid duplicate sending, you can use a flag within your fields set to turned off when the journey starts and get turned on once the journey have ended.