When creating journeys with email sequences, you will need to have your email automation templates ready so that you can set them up inside your automated workflows. To get started with managing and creating your automation templates, go to Automations from the left sidebar and click on Automation Templates from the top menu.


  1. Click on Create Automation Template in the top right.

  2. The first step involves entering some basic campaign related details like the name of this template, a relevant subject line (personalization is recommended), the From and Reply To email addresses. For the template title we always recommend a relevant name that you can easily reference back to as you are integrating them into the journeys or creating your reports.
  3. Once you complete the email sender details click Next to go to the design step. This is where you can create your template from scratch or start from a ready made template. Below is a video on how you can create and customize your own email template design.
  4. The last step would be the summary step where you can confirm your design and settings before saving your work before clicking Save and Exit.

To preview the analytics report for a specific email template, click on Report from the templates view page. You will find details on open rate, clicks, bounces, spam and more.

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